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Active Ingredient: Abiraterone acetate

Abiraterone, sold under the brand name Zytiga among others, is a medication used to treat prostate cancer.

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The number of men suffering from prostate cancer is increasing. Zytiga is aimed at prolonging the life of men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Here are the drug’s effects and the mechanism of action.

Zytiga Helps Men with Prostate Disease Live Longer

As indicated by measurements, the prostate disease is the most generally analyzed threatening neoplasm in men in the United States. In this way, in 2010 the number of new cases surpassed 217 thousand, 32 thousand men kicked the bucket. Presently, the circumstance is no less intense: as per the Oncological Scientific Center, the number of patients with prostate disease and under perception was 85,215 individuals, without a doubt the quantity of recently analyzed cases arrived at 29,129. Of the 100 thousand men, 25.7 individuals get prostate malignancy, and the death rate surpasses 9400 cases.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer (carcinoma, adenocarcinoma) is a malignant growth of prostate cells that does not stop at the borders of the organ, but invades others, depriving them of their functionality. The tumor gradually grows, squeezes the nerves, poisons the body with toxic products of its life and decay, and multiplies by metastases. The disease is very dangerous and in the last stages often leads to death. The main problem is late diagnosis, which is not always the fault of the patients themselves.

What Is Zytiga and How Does It Work?

By lessening the extent of androgens, you can diminish the undermining tumor and moderate its improvement. The arrangement Zytiga suggests the hormonal medications of the counter androgen gathering, which act by keeping up a vital good way from the activity of sex hormones and reduce the capacity to make prostate hazardous improvement cells. The dynamic substance of the medication abiraterone, which forestalls a particular driving force called cytochrome P17, and does not permit the three rule wellsprings of testosterone (balls, adrenal organs, and the tumor itself) to pass on this hormone. Because of abatement in testosterone levels, the improvement of a prostate tumor backs off, and the tumor itself lessens.


The drug is prescribed to patients with prostate cancer of a hormone-resistant type that has a progressive character. The high effectiveness of Zytiga in metastases to other organs and tissues has been proven by clinical trials. So, when combined with other drugs, Zytiga increased the life expectancy of patients by 35 percent, and the overall life expectancy increased by almost four months.

It should be consumed during or immediately after a course of chemotherapy, along with Prednisone.

How long does Zytiga? The exact answer to this question is still unknown, but during the time of taking the drug, patients observed a persistent positive effect. The duration of drug intake Zytiga determined by the treating physician-an oncologist depending on the severity of the disease. Analogues of the drug Zytiga are - Generic Tarceva & Generic Xtandi.

Composition and packaging of the issue

The therapeutic agent Zytiga is a tablet oval configuration. The medication is available in white shade. The main ingredient in the structure of the product is a compound of acetate abiraterone. Additional structures that fill the product are considered materials: magnesium stearate, special cellulose, lactose monohydrate, povidone, and other products. The medicinal product is packed in cardboard boxes and vials.

Clinical Studies of Zytiga

The drug was grasped for use in 2011 after the development of clinical starters. It's utilized in a mix with prednisone for the treatment of metastatic mutilation safe prostate hazardous advancement in patients with infection improvement during or after chemotherapy, including docetaxel. The security and adequacy of Zytiga were reviewed in an assessment of 1,088 men with bleeding-edge prostate destructive advancement who did not get chemotherapy. The middle survival rate for patients taking Zytiga with prednisone was 34.7 months, separated, and 30.3 months for those taking prednisone with fake treatment. Also, with Zytiga®, the oncology improvement rate was recognizably lower, and decrease without tumor progress persisted through longer.

How to Take the Drug in the Right Way?

Take the drug Zytiga (abiraterone acetate) in the dosage of 4 pills 250 mg in a combination with prednisone (5 mg twice per day. According to the instructions, it’s recommended to take a pill 2 hours after or an hour before having meals if you want to achieve the desired effect. Take the entire pill, wash it down with water, don’t bite or chew, otherwise, it won’t work properly. Have you forgotten to take the medicine today? You shouldn’t take the missed dosage plus a new one. You’re recommended to continue the prescribed course of treatment the next day.

How Effective Is Zytiga?

In a Phase 3 study, treatment with Zytiga with prednisolone demonstrated a huge increment in middle survival contrasted and fake treatment and prednisolone. "This is a critical day for men with prostate malignant growth, and I accept that Zytiga will be an essential device in clinical practice" said Prof. Dr. Johan S. de Bono, M.Sc., Ph.D., a scientist at the Institute for Cancer Research and the Royal Trust Fund Marsden.

Zytiga USA

On the site of the producer of the medication, the aftereffects of a fundamental randomized, fake treatment controlled, multicenter stage III investigation with 1195 patients are displayed. Specifically, they demonstrated that the utilization of Zytiga in blend with prednisone diminished the danger of death by 35% and expanded the middle by and large survival by 3.9 months up to 14.8 months contrasted with 10.9 months when taking fake treatment and prednisone.

Moreover, Zytiga diminished agony side effects in twice the same number of men as conventional medications, composes the New England Journal of Medicine. As indicated by specialists, the new medication can be viably utilized among 80% of patients with a medication safe forceful type of prostate malignancy who have effectively gotten treatment with different sorts of antihormonal and chemotherapy.

It is basic to observe that, as various drugs for the treatment of prostate threatening development, Zytiga has an incredibly wide summary of contraindications and responses, yet this is the standard for meds of this kind of introduction. In any case, various patients and their relatives are by and arranged to purchase the prescription Zytiga, its arrangements in the US will start from regular, European countries will similarly get another medication soon.

Janssen Biotech's Zytiga, when utilized in the treatment of 1,200 men with cutting edge prostate disease, improved their survival by year and a half and eased back the advancement of malignant growth. This medication is affirmed for presentation to tumors having protection from hormone treatment. The investigation was halted because the men on Zytiga lived longer, they were 66% bound to endure three years after the fact contrasted with 49% of the control bunch who did not get this prescription. Furthermore, Zytiga deferred the beginning of time when patients' indications declined as long as 33 months versus 15 months from the control gathering.

Interaction with other medicines

Before you begin utilizing the item, you ought to experience a restorative assessment. The patient must illuminate the specialist about taking other restorative operators. All things considered, some of them are not perfect with tablets. It isn't prudent to regulate abiraterone acetic acid derivation alongside phenytoin, rifabutin, and comparable items. Medication Zytiga can back off the isoenzymes of the liver structure.

When utilizing such methods as codeine, propafenone, haloperidol, it is important to change their measurements. The directions show that if any indications of harmfulness happen, the item ought to be promptly dropped and the assets managed in parallel, modifying the treatment routine. At times, it isn't prescribed to continue the utilization of tablets because of the individual affectability of the body.

Specific consideration is paid to the QT interim. The joint presentation of the material with items that add to its extending can prompt intricacies. Also, the patient has ventricular tachycardia. The rundown of antiarrhythmic drugs incorporates quinidine, sotalol, ibutilide, and others. The medication Zytiga isn't prescribed to be recommended together with the spironolactone compound. An element of this substance is its capacity to join the cell associations of androgens. Such a procedure adds to an expansion in PSA volume.

What Side Effects May You Face When Taking Zytiga?

Regular reactions to taking Zytiga are:

  • From the side of the liver: hepatotoxicity, joined by an expansion in the movement of ALT, ACT, and all-out bilirubin (the instrument of improvement of hepatotoxicity is right now obscure).
  • Infectious sicknesses: frequently - urinary tract diseases.
  • From the endocrine framework: inconsistently - adrenal inadequacy.
  • On the part of research facility markers: all the time hypokalemia; regularly, hypertriglyceridemia, expanded ALT movement. From the cardiovascular framework: frequently - blood vessel hypertension; regularly, heart disappointment, including intense heart disappointment, left ventricular disappointment, the decline in the discharge portion of the left ventricle, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, tachycardia.
  • From the musculoskeletal framework and connective tissue: frequently - cracks (except for obsessive breaks).
  • Disorders from the gastrointestinal tract: frequently - dyspepsia.
  • General issue: frequently - fringe edema.

Since the activity of Zytiga is gone for obstructing certain adrenal proteins, it is conceivable to expand the grouping of mineralocorticoids that direct the body's water-salt equalization. In such a manner, the danger of creating (hypertension), hypokalemia, and liquid maintenance are expanded. Zytiga ought to be utilized with alert in patients with a past filled with genuine cardiovascular illnesses.

Terms and conditions of storage

Zytiga antitumor medication should be stored at a temperature of no more than thirty degrees for two years. After the expiry date, it is strictly prohibited to use the drug. Do not keep the drug in an accessible place for children.

Zytiga: frequent questions on forums

Many patients ask the following question: Is Zytiga included in the list of free drugs for cancer patients? Unfortunately, no, it's not. Of course, you can purchase Zytiga medication in USA, Canadian or UK in pharmacies according to your doctor's prescription. But the cost of Zytiga cannot be called low: the minimum price for a drug Zytiga is one hundred and seventy ~1000$ per package (2020).

Patients wonder why Zytiga? After all, other antitumor drugs are much cheaper? Why is Zytiga so expensive? The fact is that at the moment Zytiga is the most effective antitumoral hormone drug, successfully coping even with metastases in cancer. We can call less effective analogs of Zytiga - drugs of a similar pharmacological group, whose action is aimed at fighting prostate cancer: Differalin, Zoladex, Jevtana, Firmagon. But even if you are interested in any analog of Zytiga, the final decision remains with the attending physician. So without his knowledge, do not even think about what you can replace the drug Abiraterone, otherwise, put your life in danger.


The drug has relatively recently appeared on the USA, Canadian pharmaceutical market, so the feedback of domestic patients about it is still insufficient. Reviews of foreign patients about the action of Zytiga are full of optimism and the positive effect of this drug on their bodies.

The drug belongs to a group of medications that can reduce the amount of the hormone testosterone. The product provides the effect is stronger than the use of substances of agonists luliberin or procedure orchidectomy. An increase in PSA is considered a kind of marker in patients with prostate cancer.

Where to buy the Zytiga?

Where in USA can I buy Zytiga medicine? This antitumor drug can be found in pharmacies of the capital and other major USA (Australia, Canada or UK) cities by prescription. And if you want to know if you can order Zytiga on a prescription for cancer patients, then officially - no. But on specialized bulletin boards, Zytiga medication is sold at a price 30-40% lower than the market price. Only in these cases, be careful, check the shelf life and integrity of the packages, so as not to take the "fake".

By Dr. Richard J. Hirschman, MD (Posted on 15/06/2020)


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